CBD vs. COVID-19

We are living through a unique time.

Some, unfortunately, are not.

Humanity is searching for solutions to blunt the progress of COVID-19 as it unfolds into the most medically and, perhaps, culturally significant event in the last century.

We are trying to take charge of our wellness.

CBD is showing promise as a COVID-19 management tool.

New research is looking into treatments that may slow the worst effects of COVID-19, and many conclusions link very closely to CBD use and, specifically, the endocannabinoid system. 

In this article, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how CBD could be useful in the fight against COVID-19. 

How COVID-19 affects the human body

COVID-19 can cause an alarming range of symptoms, from flu-like symptoms like a fever, to diarrhoea and even the loss of taste and smell.

Because of the novel way COVID-19 impacts us, it can induce an exaggerated immune response. This immune overreaction is characterised by uncontrolled inflammation known as a cytokine storm (CS), leading to many COVID-19 deaths.

A cytokine storm is your immune system responding to a threat by sending too many reinforcements to the battlefield. Cytokines cause inflammation because they’re responding to threats within your body, but in this case, your body is over-zealous and becomes over-inflamed.

Promising treatments

In a recent peer reviewed study by Rossi et al. published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, they identify three different targets as vessels for alleviating the immune responses that lead to cytokine storms.

These three targets are macrophages, mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), and oestrogen. They’ve all been identified because of their ability to produce anti-inflammatory responses when our immune system needs it most. This is encouraging news in the fight against COVID-19, as cytokine storm prevention could be a large, positive step to reducing virus mortality. 

These three targets are of particular interest because they have one thing in common, the activation of the CB2 receptor.

Introducing CB2

CB2 is a receptor within the endocannabinoid system that, when activated, causes an anti-inflammatory response. 

Macrophages, MSCs, and oestrogen all either contain or activate the CB2 receptor, making their presence and engagement a tried and tested way of letting CB2’s anti-inflammatory benefits do their work.

By activating the CB2 receptor, researchers have found that they can stave off and even reverse the effects of other diseases that are characterised by inflammatory overreactions, such as the H7N9 influenza and celiac disease.

This is why the CB2 receptor has been isolated as a key part of treatment targets in the alleviation of cytokine storms, the cause of many COVID-19 deaths.

CBD & CB2 = Besties

CBD has been shown to indirectly activate the CB2 receptor, aiding in the reduction of inflammation and an immunosuppressive response that would help avoid a cytokine storm.

Rossi et al. also mention that there are “no commercially available agonists… that specifically bind to CB2 receptors” meaning that nothing commercially available acts as a direct CB2 activator.

CBD’s indirect activation then stands as a readily available and safe way to maintain peak wellness during the pandemic. 

It’s already a dear and dependable friend for, and what a time to show up for us again.

Whether you’re using CBD yet or not, new research suggests its anti-inflammatory properties could help your immune system avert a COVID-19 cytokine storm.


Click here if you want to read the full peer-reviewed scientific journal article discussed above